Week 30

This week was a short week, we had Friday off! Some things we did were TCAP Prep, Thursday Fun Lunch, more  TCAP prep, made monsters in art, and research. Usually we have Fun Lunches on Friday,  but because we had Friday off we had it on Thursday. In art we made  the body for a monster with felt and a sketch of the monster. How we did it was we got two felt cloths and a sketch. Then, we got needles and connected all the fabric an paper. Last, we cut it all out. (We will finish them in two weeks.)


Mountains and Oceans

Effect on Weather

By: Andrew N.


Have you ever wondered what things effect weather? Many things effect the weather. For example, if you are closer to the equator you will have higher temperatures than the North and South Poles. Some other things that effect the weather are oceans and mountains.


Mountains effect the weather many different ways. One of them is blocking rain and clouds. That is why there is a desert right behind the Rocky Mountains. The Rocky Mountains blocked all the rain to make a desert.


Oceans affect the weather many different ways. Two of the ways are oceans cool slower so it gives off heat to the land and the water evaporates into the air which warms the air. Another way is the tropic and arctic water swap. Then the arctic water becomes tropic water and the tropic water becomes arctic so they swap (and so on.)

Track Meet

Look for the Blue and Gold shirts!

Week 29

This week flew by! Somethings we did were the science for research, TCAP prep, Soul Singers,  Track decorations, and  the Track Meet. Only some people went to the track meet (Media Personal and Track Team Members.) I went as a Media Specialist. We got a bunch of ribbons and a day off school!We were practically the only team with team  spirit, we had flags, banners, pom-poms, and really loud chants. Since TCAPS are coming up we done a BUNCH of review. (But, on the bright side we get a lot of candy.) For research I made a 18 slide power point about science! It has been another fun week with Mr.Haney! Soul Singers (Rocky Hill’s Choir) had a concert at school and my friend even had a solo!IMG_3379 IMG_5002 IMG_3392

Week 28

This week was a fast week! We did a lot! Some things we did were plant blueberry bushes in our garden, find a snake in our garden, Monday Fun-Day, New Direction (Mr.Haney, JPG, and Me (Andrew), Friday Fun Lunch, Dominic’s Birthday, and TCAP prep. When we planted the blueberry bushes someone said that there was a snake, and sure enough there was! It was a very small snake but it was still a snake! We did that in Monday Fun-Day. We also played games on technology. We had Monday Fun-Day because Mr.Haney was gone on Wednesday. Thursday, and Friday.  New Direction is a “band” that Mr.Haney, JPG, Andrew (Me), and Austin formed one day in Friday Fun Lunch. We  basically sing One Direction songs on the karaoke machines (typically “Story of My Life.”)snake IMG_3309


Science Tools


Have you ever wondered what tools scientists use? Scientists use many tools for safety and help. Scientists need these tools to expand their knowledge of whatever they are studying. For example, a meteorologist needs  a thermometer to tell the temperature. Without these tools scientists would not be able to do their job as well. Some tools this paper will cover are the Microscope, Bunsen Burner, and Anemometer.


First, a Microscope is “an optical instrument used for viewing very small objects, such as mineral samples or animal or plant cells, typically magnified several hundred times” (Google). Scientists need microscopes to further identify objects and to study them. Without microscopes we would not be able to learn about cells! Microscopes are also used by doctors. They can identify skin cancers and other diagnostics.


Next, a Bunsen Burner is “a small adjustable gas burner used in laboratories”(Google). You use Bunsen Burners to heat things and for sterilization. Without bunsen burners we would not be able to do many lab tests.


Finally, a anemometer is a tool used to measure wind speed and velocity. An anemometer tells us how fast the wind is going and sometimes which way it is going. Without anemometers we would not know the forecast of the wind speed and meteorologist  would not know how fast the wind is going.



Week 27

The last two weeks have been a lot of  fun. For spring break I went to a resort next to Disney World and Universal. The next day I boarded a 4-night Disney Cruise and set off for the Bahamas. First I went to Nasal, Bahamas where we went to Atlantis. Did you know that at Atlantis they have a Michael Jackson Suite that is $25,000 per night and you have to stay there for 4 nights (That is $100,000!) The next day we went to Castaway Cay, Disney’s private island. It has a beaches, play structures in the crystal clear water, and  a smoothie bar.  The next day was a full day on the cruise. It was awesome! Waiters walked around taking orders for drinks, there was soft serve ice cream, they had two pools, a splash zone, they had a giant jumbotron that played movies, a theatre, a movie theatre, kid’s clubs, and even a water ride. You got on a tube and the guy sent you over water and onto the ride. We got off the cruise and went to Universal for 3 days. I loved The Wizarding World of Harry Potter. It was amazing! I drank Butterbeer (Non-Acholholic Beverage), went and rode the rides, rode the ride inside of the castle, bought a wand, went in Olyvanders Wand Shop, and even ate at The Three Broomsticks (I had shepherds  pie, butterbeer, and chocolate cake!) This school week was interesting. Mr.Haney has been absent for 3-Days! I have really missed him. This week was review, review, review, and more review. This weeks research was on Cells.


Week 26

This week was exciting because of  Mr.Haney and Spring Break. Some things we did this week were watch the second grade play. It’s a play called Carnival of the Animals. It was originally written for instruments only but was later put into words. Next week is spring break and I am sooooooooooo  excited . I am going on a Disney Cruise. (I will tell you how it went  next post.) Well another week went by. Bye!

Week 25

This week was a great week! We had so much fun! Some things we did were race cars down a track (for science), Dads and Doughnuts, and in research we made an adventurous story (below). In science we raced cars down a track because we were learning about the laws of Sir Isaac  Newton. Dads and Doughnuts is an something our school puts on. There, we eat doughnuts in the morning with our dads and other dads and sons/daughters. Sadly our awesome student teacher is leaving today. I will miss her so much!IMG_3094 IMG_3100

Adventure Story


By: Andrew N.

Year 1676.

The sea was hard and it hit our ship as hard as a hammer. I was on an voyage with my partner Bo (Two explorers) and we were on our way to New Zealand. We set of from Ireland and were in the mid Indian Ocean. We were on a ship called the Knight Guard. It was a fast, sleek, black, and a small ship (There was only a crew of 18.) (9 months later) I was craving to get of the ship like people crave food when (I had Even packed my bag and Bo felt the/did the same), the sailor called ‘LAND-HO.” I ran from the captains quarters and there it was: New Zealand. When suddenly a fleet of canoes came from the east: Maori (the natives of New Zealand.) The sailers were preparing for a fight. I yelled at them to stop, for those natives were my friends. As I met up with Tama (The chief of the tribe and told him about our journey. Later on the canoe  numbers lessened and Tama left. But, before Tama left he said, “Beware of the new tribe of warriors. They are ferocious, ruthless, and reckless.” That nigh Bo and I made our plans for the morning.


The next day we rowed in and traveled far into the mountains. We set camp next to  some hot springs were I found an unexpected visiter: An albino Kiwi was munching on my bread. A second later I saw “normal” kiwis come and take the food away. They pecked at his feet and eye until both were bleeding. I shooed the others away and took the albino kiwi to the crew and after much discussion we decided to keep him. While Bo and I were doing research on everything around us, we also did research on Kama(That is what we named the Kiwi) His leg healed quickly but his eye would always be damaged. So we made him an eye patch. When suddenly we heard screaming. The mean Mouri had com Bo and I took Tama and escaped by hiding in a chest.(I still don’t know how we fit in it.) We heard footprints coming a man said “This is his friends tent.” Right then I knew he was talking about Tama. They were out to kill him!After they left Bo, Kama, and I went out to see if anyone was left. All were missing and 2 were killed fighting. Bo and I set out to find an warn Tama and the tribe. As Kama was sitting on my shoulder when Tama came running away with about 15 other people.

We traveled to the ship and loaded on with heavy hearts. 2 years later we returned with a fleet of soldiers to take New Zealand back. We all fought hard including the woman and we took New Zealand back. Later on i was hit in the head with a club and awoke 4 days later. The war was over and we had New Zealand back! Bo and I made 2 tree houses (one for him and one for me) as the years past more researchers came like my friend dear friends Austin, Franklin, and JPG. We all lived in a “village” of tree houses and studied to the end of our days (and I was never lonely with all those friends and Kama) and as for Tama he got hold of New Zealand and everyone was happy. Eventually we all got kiwis and played and played in the mountains and forests.



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