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Week 33

This week was a lot of fun. We made movies, did our pirate play, award night, novels, finished The Westing Game, The West Valley tour (a middle school), Field Day, the Caverns, and we sold Buddy Bands. Buddy bands are elastic bands sold for a quarter each and all the money we raised ($1,035)  goes to KARM a orginization  that helps homeless people by giving them food, shelter, and clothing. :D The movie I made is about a guy who gets sucked in to a video game and my book takes the story of Erebor and I put it in a different perspective. In field Day I got a First place ribbon and a Third place ribbon. Even though I am going a private school (CAK) I toured West Valley because I wanted to see if i should go there. This week we did our pirate play. As you can tell it is about pirates.      IMG_3857IMG_3993IMG_3955      :D     :D    :D    :D    :D    :D    :D    :D   Andrew N.    :D    :D    :D    :D   :D    :D    :D    :D

Top 10 Moments of 5th Grade

1.Our Teachers!


3.Haunted House

4.Buddy Bands

5.Wonder Works


7.Field Day

8. Making Movies

9. Making Novels



Week 32

This week was fun, tiring, and sometimes boring. We had TCAPs, our standardized tests. They are long and easy witch is my description for boring. A bright side of TCAPS is we are not allowed to do anything educational during TCAP week, so after the test we have fun! We started our movies for the end of the year and the end of the year DVD.

Week 31

This week we did a lot of TCAP prep because the TCAP tests/exams are next week. We also did some stuff in our garden like plant vegetables and mulch. We have carrots, green beans, squash, blueberries, and strawberries. This week has been long and challenging but it will help me in the TCAPS! Wish us all luck!

Week 30

This week was a short week, we had Friday off! Some things we did were TCAP Prep, Thursday Fun Lunch, more  TCAP prep, made monsters in art, and research. Usually we have Fun Lunches on Friday,  but because we had Friday off we had it on Thursday. In art we made  the body for a monster with felt and a sketch of the monster. How we did it was we got two felt cloths and a sketch. Then, we got needles and connected all the fabric an paper. Last, we cut it all out. (We will finish them in two weeks.)


Mountains and Oceans

Effect on Weather

By: Andrew N.


Have you ever wondered what things effect weather? Many things effect the weather. For example, if you are closer to the equator you will have higher temperatures than the North and South Poles. Some other things that effect the weather are oceans and mountains.


Mountains effect the weather many different ways. One of them is blocking rain and clouds. That is why there is a desert right behind the Rocky Mountains. The Rocky Mountains blocked all the rain to make a desert.


Oceans affect the weather many different ways. Two of the ways are oceans cool slower so it gives off heat to the land and the water evaporates into the air which warms the air. Another way is the tropic and arctic water swap. Then the arctic water becomes tropic water and the tropic water becomes arctic so they swap (and so on.)

Track Meet

Look for the Blue and Gold shirts!

Week 29

This week flew by! Somethings we did were the science for research, TCAP prep, Soul Singers,  Track decorations, and  the Track Meet. Only some people went to the track meet (Media Personal and Track Team Members.) I went as a Media Specialist. We got a bunch of ribbons and a day off school!We were practically the only team with team  spirit, we had flags, banners, pom-poms, and really loud chants. Since TCAPS are coming up we done a BUNCH of review. (But, on the bright side we get a lot of candy.) For research I made a 18 slide power point about science! It has been another fun week with Mr.Haney! Soul Singers (Rocky Hill’s Choir) had a concert at school and my friend even had a solo!IMG_3379 IMG_5002 IMG_3392

Week 28

This week was a fast week! We did a lot! Some things we did were plant blueberry bushes in our garden, find a snake in our garden, Monday Fun-Day, New Direction (Mr.Haney, JPG, and Me (Andrew), Friday Fun Lunch, Dominic’s Birthday, and TCAP prep. When we planted the blueberry bushes someone said that there was a snake, and sure enough there was! It was a very small snake but it was still a snake! We did that in Monday Fun-Day. We also played games on technology. We had Monday Fun-Day because Mr.Haney was gone on Wednesday. Thursday, and Friday.  New Direction is a “band” that Mr.Haney, JPG, Andrew (Me), and Austin formed one day in Friday Fun Lunch. We  basically sing One Direction songs on the karaoke machines (typically “Story of My Life.”)snake IMG_3309

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